01/ Church services
First and foremost the Baptismal site is a place of spirituality, a place for prayers. The prime objective for the church is therefore to support you when you come to visit. We welcome you to have a service and prayers in the church. You have the view over the river Jordan, facing Jerusalem, Jerico and many other places known from the Bible. Come and be with us and use the church as a sanctuary in your personal pilgrimage.
02/ Guided tour
When you come, either on your own or as a group, there is the possibility to walk the area on a guided tour. We are located close to the monastery and cave of John the Baptist. The Church is on the plateau just above and in walking distance to one of the first Christian Churches, and to the place where Jesus where baptized. When you come let us know and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.
03/ We keep you updated
The Baptismal site is very much alive. It is a place under constant development. This homepage will try to keep you updated, and as such provide a portal for you to follow what is going on. We encourage you to sign up as supporting member of the International Ecumenical Congregation.
04/ Become an Ambassador
Once you have been visiting the Church you automatically become an Ambassador for the Church. The place is so special that you will get touched by it and the whole River Jordan Project. It becomes something you want to share with others. The Church depend on the life that we create around it, and we hope you will participate in spreading the word, and encourage others to come